From Drab to Fab Beauty Hacks

The suffragettes and feminists through the ages believed that women need not beautify themselves any more than men. At Queen Odelia, we too believe that the beauty of a woman lies more her personality and less in her person, but the simple truth of the matter remains that most women enjoy a good makeover. Something about the before and after effect is just so thrilling! We decided to put together a list of beauty hacks and tricks to turn you from drab to fab without upsetting your inner feminist.

Here’s our first tip: before applying any makeup, be sure to lather your face with cream. Not only will it give your skin a lift, but face cream can also serve as a primer that will ensure your makeup last the night.

You don’t actually need to layer your eyes with liner to make them pop. The best way to make your eyes look clear and bright is by applying the right amount of Eye Cream to your lids. The oil in the cream will maximize the vibrance of your natural eye color and make your eyes shine.

Another life-altering trick to achieving radiant, flawless looking skin is applying your favorite lip balm to your cheekbones. The natural moisturizers in the lip balm will give your skin a glowing effect and reflect the light in a way that will dazzle everyone you meet.

Lastly and most importantly, beauty shines out from within. Be your own kind of beautiful and see not only how it affects the way you see yourself, but also the way other people see you!

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